Integral Logistics Management 3rd Edition Review

Integral Logistics Management 3rd Edition
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A comment here says that this book is too complicated and not well written. My young son agrees and prefers going on reading his comics.
As far i'm concerned this is the best Logistics (in the broad sense) book i've ever read. It is perfectly structured and it is written in a particular clear way with lot of figures and tables. At the end of the chapters there are some useful exercises with solutions.
The book is particularly useful for IT professionals.

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Product Description:
Tackling the logistical, planning, and managerial challenges that companies face, the third edition of this bestselling reference addresses the increased importance of strategy issues in various fields. While retaining many elements of the previous editions, Integral Logistics Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management in Comprehensive Value-Added Networks, Third Edition incorporates several novel developments.

New to the Third Edition

A section on facility location planning for production, distribution, and service networks

A section on strategic procurement

Chapters on TQM, Six Sigma, and system and project management

Key figures for the classification of planning methods in materials management

Additional interactive Macromedia Flash elements for download from a companion website

Covering all of the critical details in this area, Integral Logistics Management will equip you with the necessary tools to better handle the operation aspects of your company.

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