How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time (Computing Library) Review

How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time
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This book is a condensed, fast paced approach to managing projects.Don't be misled by the title into believing that the theme is about managing web projects - it's about reducing the cycle time involved in initiating and managing projects, and the steps you need to take in order to ensure both speed of delivery and overall success of the project.
The approach is presented in informal style.I actually felt as though Mr. O'Connell was mentoring me through a project.He starts with a discussion of project management in general and some key issues, such as how much planning is enough, ensuring the project is valid and cost-effective, and setting scope. When he moves into the planning stage of the project he starts off with a work breakdown structure (WBS). I definitely like this approach because, in my opinion, any planning that does not start with a WBS is doomed to almost certain failure.He also covers estimating, and who should be doing it.Again, I'm in complete agreement with his advice that the best estimators are the people who will be doing the actual work.He also covers risk management, schedule optimization and all of the "due diligence" steps a good project manager would accomplish.Project execution and control is treated in the same methodical manner as planning. All of the key items are addressed, such as continuous monitoring and schedule refinement, resource allocation and status reporting.In this section the methods Mr. O'Connell proposes are reinforced with a week-by-week description of an example project.This adds a lot of credibility to how approach and also makes learning project management from this book relatively easy.
There is much to like about this book:Mr. O'Connell's engaging writing style, a sensible approach to planning, scheduling and controlling projects that leaves nothing out, and the worked examples that are provided in every chapter.Most importantly, though, is the fact that the book lives up to its promise of showing you how to run *successful* projects in web time, because the approach that is presented contains no fluff, and eliminates a lot of rework or lost efficiency by doing the right things the right way - the first time.

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No matter what high-tech field you work in, but particularly in software development, shortening project time is of vital importance in gaining a competitive advantage. Here's the how-to book that describes a radical technique for doing just that. Taking an approach adopted from the motion picture industry, this innovative resource teaches you how to utilize techniques, such as "strip boarding" that greatly reduce project time and cost.
From identifying project boundaries, calculating the reward of projects completed early, and building Work Breakdown Structures... to conducting risk analysis, monitoring and controlling a plan, and selling a plan to the powers that be, this book will help you cut project time while improving effectiveness. The book includes a fully-worked, industrial-strength example of the planning and execution of a software project, using the techniques described.

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