The Juggler's Guide to Managing Multiple Projects Review

The Juggler's Guide to Managing Multiple Projects
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Michael Dobson has placed one of the first stakes in the ground by defining this grey area between Project and Programmes. We (ProgM - the Professional Body for Programme Management) are looking to form a BoK (Body of Knowledge) to define the delineation between these areas and we will draw on this book as a point of reference.
Michael uses clear reasoning and definitions backed up by proven methods eg. PERT and CPM. He defines projects into portfolios and gives sound analysis for scoping and reasoning. The book distinguishes the juggling between Task-Orientated Project Portfolios, Independent Project Portfolios and Inter-Dependent Project Portfolios.
This book even covers the distinction between urgency and priority which is a issue for all Project Managers.
Excellent reading and comparatively light reading for a book rich in information.

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Product Description:
In the past, most project management books have focusedon managing one project, but in today's increasingly busy andstressful world, it has become necessary to calmly and efficientlymanage more than one project-often several projects-successfullyat the same time. This learned skill is valuable not only for projectmanagers, but also for anyone responsible for the successful outcomeof multiple projects, whether it is at the office or in the home!Dobson says that you must first have a strong foundation in timemanagement and priority setting, then introduces the concept ofPortfolio Management to timeline multiple projects, determine theirresource requirements, and handle emergencies, putting you in chargefor possibly the first time in your life!
The Juggler's Guide to Managing Multiple Projects does not forget thepaperwork. Dobson supplies examples of business-tested forms, charts,logs, tables, and worksheets-everything project managers need tocrash, level, analyze, plan, and control tasks. Forms were neverbetter explained or illustrated. To ensure creative success, Dobsonadds tips, shortcuts, and tricks of the project management trade witheach example.

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