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Financially Focused Project Management
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Financially Focused Project Management by Thomas M. Cappels is a straightforward business guide to saving hundreds of millions of corporate dollars by learning from the best practices of hundreds of successful companies. Individual chapters address accurately and comprehensively assess aspects of project risks, management strategies for the changing technology of the 21st century, proposals and pricing, and more. A solidly presented guide Financially Focused Project Management is filled from cover to cover with practical, applicable, insightful, "hit-the-ground-running", goal-oriented corporate financial management advice.

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The most up-to-date look at the ever-evolving project management field, this comprehensive text supplies a wide range of strategies and methods to help you successfully meet the challenges of changing economic conditions, technology, resources, requirements, schedules, and budgets. Written by a best-selling author and expert with over 20 years of experience, this book delineates the best practices of hundreds of successful companies and provides a unique financial focus that you can use to ensure your company successfully meets established financial objectives, consumer and shareholder expectations, and investment community demands.

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