Developing Teams Through Project-Based Learning Review

Developing Teams Through Project-Based Learning
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Written as a short, simple and practical guide to setting up and running simple projects and using them to develop team skills. Its target audience is people who are new to these skills and it succeeds admirably at this level. It is well written, clear and avoids jargon.

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Getting individuals to work together as a team is one of the hardest tasks for any manager. Jean Atkinson provides a solution - the inception and implementation of a specific project. The mechanics of working together on a project, however large or small, lends itself to developing team members and enabling them to learn new skills, as well as building stronger relationships. The book takes the reader step by step through the life cycle of a project, and how each stage can be used as a means of learning and developing for individuals as well as the team as a whole. Written so that no prior understanding of project management or team development is required, this book is both practical and jargon free. Exercises at the end of each chapter help the reader to "ground" the contents and move it from the printed page to the workplace.

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