The Art of Installation and The Science of Implementation Review

The Art of Installation and The Science of Implementation
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Dr. Shubnell's coverage of software installation and implementation is excellent.His discussion of a project management for software projects is very thorough.I have managed software projects for over 30 years.Without a doubt I can state that this book has captured all the components involved in software projects.The emphasis on proper project management and the methodology described is right on target.
This is an excelllent book for those trying to understand project management, especially project management for software projects.For those without experience in project management, this book will enlighten them on what project management is really like.For those with experience, this book will refresh the memories of the trials and challenges faced.
As a PMP (Project Management Professional) I can state without reservation that this book's coverage of project management is far more "real world" and complete than that of the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge).PMBOK does not address the work required prior to the Project Charter.This book does address that critical portion of project management process.
This book is a must read for project managers and those trying to understand what project managers do.

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The practice of implementation project management needs to change from the old art form to a new science that is success driven and replicable. This book provides a bridge over the chasm of failure to the realm of success. It describes a practical and useful methodology that is flexible to use and a great reference guide for both veteran project managers and newcomers. It is specific to software implementations but the project management techniques can be applied to a variety of projects. Included are tools, techniques, lists, questions, and examples that can be used every day. The methodology presented has been honed from experience, academics, and common sense. It celebrates the people and process elements of project management and relegates technology to its rightful place as a tool.

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