Architecture-Centric Software Project Management: A Practical Guide Review

Architecture-Centric Software Project Management: A Practical Guide
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If you are a software project manager looking for ways to improve software development performance, then read this book. Architecture-Centric Software Project Management by Daniel Paulish is based on several years of real-life, industry experience and is full of practical advise for you to use and succeed with your software project. Software managers who have always wondered why their software teams don't/can't live up to their expectations should also find this book insightful.
Written in a simple straight-forward style, this books distills the practical wisdom gained for executing successful software projects. The essence of the book is Chapter 2 that captures the motivation for architecture-centered software project planning and outlines the core principles behind it. Organized in seven parts and divided in seventeen chapters, the book integrates in its presentation almost all the aspects of software project management while maintaining the architecture-centered view for executing software projects. Among its various chapters and topics the ones that particularly appealed to me are: Global Analysis (Chapter 3), Global Development (Chapter 6), Trade-offs and Project Decisions (Chapter 9) and Incremental Development (Chapter 10). In its part six, Paulish also presents two cases to illustrate the techniques described in the book.
With software projects becoming increasingly complex and globally distributed software development becoming a business necessity, Paulish's book should be of help to both the
seasoned and novice software project managers alike. After all, the most powerful ideas and techniques are those that are simple in nature but require a passionate and well thought-out implmentation, and this is what Paulish's book is about. Grab a copy of "Architecture-Centric Software Project Management" right away if you are looking for simple ways to be a effective software project manager and improve your project's

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Addresses each cornerstone of effective project management--planning, organizing, implementing, and measuring. Author provides a wealth of practical, experience-based advice. Softcover.

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