Risk Management in Software Development Projects (Computer Weekly Professional) Review

Risk Management in Software Development Projects
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This book is a basic and relatively vanilla approach to software project risk management. If you are well versed in project risk management, and especially if you work in the software development domain, this book will probably prove too basic.However, if you are new to either project risk management, or how it applies to software development this book is fairly complete in its coverage and is technically accurate.
After introducing software risk management within the context of a development project the author provides excellent guidance for developing a risk management strategy, including roles and responsibilities, and how to identify, prioritize and mitigate or eliminate common risks.
The risks cited cover the full spectrum of those common to development, ranging from administrative (and legal) to technical risks.Among the highlights of this book include documenting risks, risk reviews (a best practice), assessment approaches, tools and techniques, and how to develop and implement risk management plans.
I also like the checklists, process-oriented approach, and self-assessments at the end of each chapter.This book is a good introductory text to a complex subject, and provides sound guidance plus a wealth of best practices. Seasoned software project managers will probably find "Managing Risk: Methods for Software Systems Development" (ISBN 0201255928) more useful because that book covers advanced techniques.

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Product Description:
Very few software projects are completed on time, on budget, and to their original specification causing the global IT software industry to lose billions each year in project overruns and reworking software.Research supports that projects usually fail because of management mistakes rather than technical mistakes. Risk Management in Software Development Projects focuses on what the practitioner needs to know about risk in the pursuit of delivering software projects.

Risk Management in Software Development Projects will help all practicing IT Project Managers and IT Managers understand:
* Key components of the risk management process
* Current processes and best practices for software risk identification
* Techniques of risk analysis
* Risk Planning
* Management processes and be able to develop the process for various organizations

Brings together concepts across software engineering with a management perspectiveUse of case material to illustrate points madeIncludes checklists and working templates

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