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The Project Sponsor Guide
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I was looking for a book that would help customers step into the role of a project sponsor, so I thought this book might be helpful.After I received it, I was surprised at the "shortness" of the book, both in number of pages and the size of the margins.This was especially true given the price of the book.
There is some good content here, and it might be helpful.I do believe there are better, less expensive, and more comprehensive alternatives to this book...

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Product Description:
Project sponsors can have a tremendous impact on the success of key projects. However, in reality, they miss the mark and are often uninvolved or over-involved and confused about their roles. The purpose of this guide is to help managers add value as sponsors of cross-functional projects; including development projects, information system projects, organizational change projects, and process improvement projects.
Section I explains the roles of the project sponsor as mentor, catalyst, motivator, barrier buster, boundary manager, and liaison to senior management. Key tasks of the project sponsor are explained, including how to effectively set up a project team and how to support the team throughout the project cycle.
Section II identifies over 20 common project team problems that arise, and provides alternate solutions for dealing with them.
The Appendix provides some helpful tools to increase team effectiveness and, therefore, project performance. This to-the-point and quick reading for today's busy executives and managers is a one-of-a-kind source that describes the unique and challenging support that executives and managers must provide to be effective sponsors of project teams. It's intended for executives and middle managers who will be, or are, sponsors of a project, particularly cross-functional projects. It is also helpful reading for facilitators and project leaders.

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