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Project Management in Construction
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1.I find it very important that Mr. Walker has emphasized the importance of teaching general management before entering into the realm of the complicated teaching ofconstruction management. Constr. Mgt. is not anindependent teaching, but a very special case of management. It hasnaturally to be basedon the foundations of the GENERAL MANAGEMENT.Congratulations.. 2. Hemakes some original definitions of management. Ihighly appreciate his definitions like "Management is the dynamicinput that makes the organization work.". However, Iexpected to findseveral chapters in this book, explainingthe basic activities, generalprinciples and the elements of management, EXACTLY whatHenri Fayol hasmentioned 100 years ago. 3. IEEE has updated Fayol's terminology at 1984, printed and distributed to its members, who lead the world's most importantsector, electronics and computer industries, as a study ofProf. IrwinGray from NewYork Inst. of Technology. This gives a very good idea aboutthe freshness of Fayol's teachings.The, in construction mgt.mostlyreferred,famous Proj.Mgt. Institute is the worldwide known sub-org. ofthe IEEE, Inst. Of El.and Elktron. Eng.sin USa. 4. Every student of technical schools should be taugth management completely from Fayol'steachings,as they learnphysics from Newton and Planck directly. Ihopethatthe Author forgives the harsh expression of a veteran constructionman:Anybody who teaches management should not attempt to find thedefinition of management from the "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary'100 years later thanFayol's excellent definition; no need to exploreAmerica again. 5. I congragulate the Author for mentioning H.Mintzberg inhis book.. His analogy of construction projects with Mintzberg'sconfigurations Professional B-aucracy and Ad-hocracy,is to be blessed.This analogy gives a good idea about the complexity of the construction,but underestimates the complicated task of managementof constructionprojecst.I kindly remind thatthere is not a real management in adhocracy, and is very little in the professional b-racy.Management of aconstruction site of average size can only be compared with the mostcomplex configuration of H. M-berg: THE DIVISIONAL FORM, with its numerouscrews, subcontractors of various contracrs, its logistics, accounting,perfformance evaluations, etc.6. Iexpected theAuthor of this valuablebook would teach organization to the technical u-grad students directlyfrom the teachings of Mintzberd andsave several chapters for histeachings.. 7. This book is one ofthe best of its category I have everread, onconstruction mgt, keeping Dennis Lock's place at the top,I hopethe Author finds my comments not more than a few constructive remarks, andmay take them into consideration for the further editions. Dr. KirhanDadasbilge, MSc.CE

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