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Powerful Project Leadership
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Wayne Strider's book provides words for and recognizable characteristics of many common project problems.Powerful Project Leadership gives project managers of every experience level tools and road signs that enable them to recognize and address looming project issues before they become major events.
Communications and leadership challenges are explained in common language for easy recognition.
The book is an excellent read.I recognized a few pending issues with one of my projects on my first pass through the book.
I believe that this book is a "MUST HAVE" for any well-stocked project management library.

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Product Description:
Have you ever worked on a project that ran into serious snags? Or a project that was canceled after significant time and expense? Or one that delivered an acceptable result, yet the people involved would have rather jumped off a cliff than work together again?
How many of these situations were caused, at least in part, by people problems? In Powerful Project Leadership you'll find innovative approaches to working with people that enable everyone (including you!) to do their best project work. This book will help you acquire a new toolkit for project success. You will find yourself drawing from it often!
Powerful Project Leadership provides:
* An interactive approach - exercises guide the reader in becoming a powerful project leader.
* Real-life examples that show the reader how to develop and exercise powerful leadership skills
* An effective approach for project managers in identifying and addressing the root causes of problems faced during most work on projects
* A solid integration of hard and soft skills
Use Powerful Project Leadership as a resource to:
* Learn how to pay attention to early signs that something is going wrong on your project
* Develop practical approaches to stubborn, intractable, and utterly predictable problems on projects
* Improve the vital flow of information by addressing human problems and misunderstandings
* Encourage change at a deep level - within the individual, on the project, and within the organization

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