Make Things Happen!: Readymade Tools for Project Management (How to Be Better) Review

Make Things Happen: Readymade Tools for Project Management
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I rarely get excited about a book that has information that I've already mastered, but this is an exception, and here are the reasons why:
- It's a short guide to the essential tools that will assure success if they are all used inplanning, scheduling and controlling a project.In this respect the book is a memory jogger and sanity check.
- Each tool is succinctly, but thoroughly, covered.The format is: What it is, How it's used and an example.The copious use of graphics and the clear writing result in a small page count that is crammed with information.
- It epitomizes great document design. Like all consultants I spend a lot of time writing and communicating.This book is the standard to which I compare my own work, and I appreciate the , thought and effort that went into writing and laying out this book.It may look simple, but I assure you that the design alone is a masterpiece.
Even though I know the material the book has valid uses beyond serving as a model of technical writing. One use is to convey to team members (and stakeholders) the value of the techniques and tools that you're using to manage the project. Instead of spending valuable time drafting explanations, simply hand them a copy of this small book, or borrow heavily from it and throw together a presentation.Another use is to use this book as both a framework and checklist during the project planning phase.
The book is divided into eight sections.Section 1 is an overview that depicts project management as a process and superimposes the Plan-Do-Check-Act quality cycle on the process. This guides you in planning a project within the context of a quality-focused framework, and the potential pitfalls and prevention checklist in this section adds depth to the overview.The remaining seven sections list tools that you'll use in each process stage:project selection, selection and contract, planning, implement, monitor progress, and complete and review.The final section covers tools for managing multiple projects, such as resource loading and monitoring.The acid test is to assess whether the tools are appropriate and reflect best practices.The book passes with flying colors, and I am basing this opinion on the content of the planning section. It contains all of the key tools used in proper project planning, including work breakdown structures, responsibility charts, cost breakdown structures, critical path analysis and contingency plans.
Regardless of your level of expertise or experience you'll appreciate this book.If your budget allows a copy for every key member of your project team I predict a substantial return on your investment.

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A quick reference guide to vital tools, checklists and guidelines for setting up and managing projects. A valuable resource for managers, sponsors, team members or leaders.

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