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International Project Management
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I am a marketing consultant, and when I found it necessary to learn about international project management, I found the prospect intimidating. But Murphy's "International Project Management" is both comprehensive *and* accessible without wasting my time. Particularly helpful is the section on cultural issues with regards to women. The author devotes several pages to advising women project managers--with very specific pointers!

The book spends two chapters putting international project management into perspective before diving into the nuts and bolts of it. Perhaps the most helpful is chapter 3, "Difficulties and Risks of International Projects"...things any company needs to know *before* bidding a project.

Along the way, simple checklists, flowcharts, and sample worksheets enable a project manager to be fully prepared in each stage of the process. The author is obviously highly experienced in this field with extensive (intriguing?) experience.

I highly recommend this book for project managers and those who advise them!

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The stakes are high in international ventures.Success can be lucrative, but only if formidable obstacles are overcome and unexpected expenses are reined in.Taking a unique approach to international project management, International Project Management is a cutting-edge new book that introduces financial control systems to help manage cost and schedule.By skillfully applying these systems, managers uncover potential problems before they become roadblocks, enabling them to make the necessary adjustments to maintain the company's cost and schedule commitments.

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