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Web Project Management for Academic Libraries
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I agree with everything that my co-author wrote in an earlier review--including running the risk of tooting my own horn by writing a review!

One of our goals was to create the book that we wished we had when we were leading our first web projects. What would I want to know if I had no idea where to start, if web projects at my library frequently created anxiety or ran amok, if I had never seen usability testing or project specifications in action? So, Jody and I included plenty of examples and advice based on both our experiences and our research.

Now that the book is published, I've been referring to it regularly. Last week, I needed a quick list of possible project team member roles. I checked the book (p.65). The week before, I helped a colleague create a draft work breakdown and project schedule for her project. I checked the book (p.240). Not long before that, I needed a way to describe a project sponsor to a potential project sponsor. I checked the book (p.45). Next time I need an example of a testing script (p.191-192), a reminder of how to best lead a meeting of librarians and programmers (p.107-108), an overview of ways to get user input (p. 139-147), or a group exercise for creating a realistic project schedule (p.236-237), I'll check the book.

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Managing the process of building and maintaining an effective library website can be as challenging as designing the product itself. Web Project Management for Academic Libraries, written by Jody Condit Fagan and Jennifer A. Keach of James Madison University, offers best practices for managing successful projects related to the academic library website. Here are practical, real-world solutions to help web project managers and their teams plan, engage stakeholders, and lead organizations through change. Topics covered include the definition and responsibilities of a web project manager; necessary roles for the project team; effective communication practices; designing project workflow; executing the project; and usability testing and quality control. This book is essential reading not only for library staff who work as project managers or on web teams, but also for library administrators, library school faculty and students, and web consultants working with libraries.

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