Project Management Websites (Volume 1) Review

Project Management Websites
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This book is truly unique.It provides step-by-step guidelines on how to build functional websites.The author is concise and does not stray from the topic. It's all about providing the reader with the necessary tools to build an effective Project Management Website that will add value to any project.If you are a PM or an aspiring PM, I highly recommend adding this publication to your stack of desk references.Simply put, the book is outstanding and it's easy to understand. The author used a framework that gave me the confidence that all project aspects will be covered for any size project.Like anything in life, you must apply the information to your specific project requirements.Thanks Jim for your dedication to the helping others.You are appreciated.

Melanie Lowery,
Committed to Professional Excellence

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Project Management Websites is an excellent resource for project managers, business analysts, testers, engineers and anyone working on virtual teams. Certified Project Management Professional James Thomas will carefully guide even beginners through step by step instructions for building professional Project Management Websites. In a matter of hours you will be comfortable with the skills to build and deploy websites for any size project.If you really want to look good as a project manager, you have to master virtual team communications.Why not take advantage of the net and leverage the power of websites.This book has been simplified for non-technicals.No programming experience is required.It utilizes proven PM principles. The Website templates and Project Management templates are included on-line.As a bonus, he has included his techniques for building interactive screen mockups for website prototyping.

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