The Project Management Office Toolkit Review

The Project Management Office Toolkit
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This is NOT a book. It is abinder. Definitely NOT worth the 100$ U.S I paid for the book. I should have gone to a local bookstore and seen it first before I ordered it, if I would have seen it, I would have never ordered it. Overall, I consider this book to be very general in content.

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Product Description:
Formal project management is no longer limited to big companies. Even small firms are looking for ways to organize and control the flood of details that make up the average project.
At the same time, they're realizing that such efforts need to be coordinated companywide, not merely at the individual project level. That means setting up a project control department or office--a process spelled out step-by-step in this much-needed book. Packed with field-tested checklists and forms, it shows readers how to:
* Fit the project office into the current organizational structure * Determine the necessary software and other tools* Structure efforts for consistent results* Handle slippages in cost, time, and other core factors * Adapt the wealth of templates provided in the book into company-specific deliverables, and more.

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