Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Interactive Media (2nd Edition) Review

Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Interactive Media
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I am a student studying Bachelor of Multimedia and I found this book to be extremely helpful in my course - especially when it came to managing and conducting my student projects at university (with real life clients,external to the uni).
This book teaches you how to effectively elicitthe product requirements from your client;it gives information oncontractual issues for proposals and development agreements;it adviseshow to assemble the most effective team for a project and team managementprinciples;it discusses Intellectual Property and Copyright, importantissues for this industry;it covers management of the other phases of amultimedia project - design, production, integration and testing... andgives advice so you don't fall in the traps that so many other projectshave like requirements creep, blowing the budget, missing the deadline...
You really need to plan your multimedia projects if you want to createquality products (whether is be a web site or CD-ROM) - and this book willhelp you plan and control your projects.
Project management is -big-money. If you want a book about how to be a professional multimedia projectmanager, then this book is for you.

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Product Description:
Are you are a designer, producer or programmer struggling with the pressures of multimedia project management? Are you a client commissioning a web site or CD-ROM and don't know what that entails? Is your project fast spiralling out of control while whole areas of the business remain a mystery? Then this second edition of Managing Multimedia will relieve the pressure, providing more practical advice and insiders' tips to help you deliver a high-quality project in time and within budget.
New to this Edition
* thoroughly updated to reflect trend towards on-line project development
* coverage of marketing and distribution concepts
* identifies future trends and directions
* The accompanying CD-ROM adds colour, sound and movement to complement aspects of the text and is designed in cross-platform HTML for easy customisation.
Key Features
* includes management guidelines for each stage of the multimedia project life cycle from initiation to completion
* defines the project managers responsibilities at each stage of the project life cycle. These checklists build into an overall job description or role model
* pinpoints all the recognised problem areas and offers practical solutions based on the Authors own extensive experience
* provides task-related exercises to help you build a customised set of multimedia management guidelines to fit your own project requirements

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