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Essential Project Management Skills
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I've read several books on project management in my career.Many are wordy, containing much of the science and written by very scholarly people.This is all very well in good and normally leaves one impressed with the writer's intellect and credentials than knowing what to do.However, when it comes to managing projects and helping a reader understand how to do so, this book finds its home.The book contains a nice balance of both science and much more importantly the art, Mr. Wills breaks the lessons down into an applicable construct.I was very impressed at the clarity and understandability of the content.I would recommend it to anyone looking for a more hands on approach than an academic text.

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In today's business world, project managers not only have to be diligent in project planning and execution, but also need to have skills in persuasion, self-management, communication, and relationship management. Reflecting the changing landscape of projects today, Essential Project Management Skills empowers project managers to master the skills necessary to succeed in the current environment.Real case studies clarify conceptsDivided into four sections by chapter and enhanced with tables and diagrams, the book begins by introducing the concepts related to the changing project landscape and their impact on projects. It then delves into the details of several trends within the project landscape, describes the challenges created by these trends for project managers, and provides illuminating case studies that elucidate each trend and its impact. Next, the book outlines the skills required to be successful in this new environment and offers techniques that can be applied to fully master them. Each of these skills is aligned with a case study in which the skills and techniques are used and the outcomes discussed. Finally, the book ties together the evolution of the project landscape, the challenges posed, and the new skills required to manage projects successfully in today's environment. The book also provides a checklist of the skills and techniques in the context of different project scenarios.Written by an expert in project managementWritten by an expert with a career of hands-on experience in the project management field, this volume is invaluable for project managers who have a fundamental background in project management principles and want to augment their toolbox of skills and techniques around the delivery of projects in today's complicated business environment.   

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