Better Software Project Management: A Primer for Success Review

Better Software Project Management: A Primer for Success
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Whether you are an experienced project manager or just starting out, this book should be on your shelf.For the beginner, it covers all of the basics...and much more.For the experienced project manager, much of it will be familiar, but you will find many opportunities to improve your techniques.
Better Software Project Management goes beyond the oversimplified approaches that confuse project management tools with project management.Real project management means dealing with people as well as tasks, schedules and budgets.This book offers insights into them all.

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Product Description:
A complete guide to piloting a software project to success-on time and within budget
This book provides novice software project managers, software developers, and anyone delivering reusable software with strategies for mastering the basics of directing a software project. Well-known management consultant Marsha Lewin uses a "been there, done that" approach designed to solve on-the-job problems quickly and efficiently.
Learn how to get a project in motion immediately in the first chapter's "quick start" tutorial. This comprehensive overview outlines the ins and outs of software project management, including the expectations for a project manager, defining the project, satisfying critical needs, and leading and monitoring your team. These aspects of managing small- to medium-sized project types are detailed in the same lively, colloquial style that demystifies the complexities of the discipline. The author equips you with the tools to concurrently satisfy the triple constraints of schedule, budget, and quality within the context of risk management, and highlights potential pitfalls and their solutions to assure repeated success.
To help you get under way and stay ahead, supplemental, ready-to-use forms, formats, and checklists are included, along with information on:
? Use of resources, including people and budget, the quality of software developed, and the costs and risks
? Political and technical issues affecting project success
? Risk management methodology
? Shaping yourself as a leader
? Software development methodologies, from traditional life cycle to prototyping, and how they relate to software project management
? Testing and its role in project management
Dozens of real-world examples and diagrams, together with a comprehensive bibliography and glossary, render Better Software Project Management a crucial resource for anyone responsible for keeping software projects within budget and on schedule.

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