Ultimate Guide to Project Management Review

Ultimate Guide to Project Management
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As businesses change the do projects. These are separtate from the normal day to day business operations. It could be a new product design, a new computer program, developing an ad campaign or whatever.

The book is generally divided into two sections. The first part is a general description of how to set up and then manage a project. The second part is more specific in that it gives several examples of real-world projects, although I'm not so sure that making a movie is a project I'd undertake.

Included with the book are a CD and a companion web site that further extend the concepts brought out in the book. This includes some useful tools and customizable forms that you can use as part of the project management effort.

Finally, what this book is NOT. This is NOT a guide to passing the project management certification test. This is a book on how to do project management, not just how to past the test. As the title says, this book is aimed at the small businessman. It includes what you need to successfully manage a small project. It is not what a professional managing a space project would need. This means that it contains the heart of what you need to know without a lot of extras. It is easy to read and if applied can be of great help.

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Product Description:
Project management is the art - and science - of making change work, and small businesses are swimming - or sinking - in a sea of change. You can't afford to make mistakes - you have to get it right the first time. Author Sid Kemp scales down the best practices of Fortune 500 companies and major consultants to make them work for you. This practical guide breaks down each problem-solving activity step-by-step and includes tools, forms, and instructions both in the book and on the enclosed CD-ROM. You'll learn: the three stages of every project - ensure your project's success from the very beginning; how to plan, implement, and evaluate your projects so you know what to do, how to do it and when it's done; how to prioritize projects so you can tackle them all without interference; and, how to develop projects that solve problems and seize opportunities.Every business challenge - whether it's writing a business plan, developing an ad campaign or getting your company out of hot water - is a project. The essential strategies provided will help you get it done right every time.

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