Software Project Management in Practice Review

Software Project Management in Practice
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In this book Pankaj has shown how practically SEI CMM can be applied in different kinds of commercial software development situtations. One of the difficulties of CMM is the application of the model to the right extent in the right context. This book has made it simple to understand what the essential project management aspects in CMM are and how to use them effectively. This is a simple-to-read-and-understand book. One good thing I liked about the book is that it's precise, to the point dealing of topics; no less, no more. Less theory and more practical implementation details from a high maturity organization. Grteat amounts of insights into the actual practices and data of a high maturity organization is a huge bonus.

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Provides an excellent case study to guide project managers everywhere. The specific Infosys practices described reflect sound management principles and practices. Softcover.

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