Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules Review

Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules
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As a developer, you have been on that project.  The one that seems that it will never end. Requirements change daily, testing seems to discover new bugs faster than you can fix them, release dates come and go and noone seems to know when the project will be completed. If you're like me, maybe you thought that was just the way software projects were.
And then I read this book. Chapter 3 contains a case study of classic mistakes.  It sounded like every project I had ever worked on. Steve McConnell shows you how to avoid those mistakes, and how to leverage best practices in planning and development to achieve maximum predictability and control over your software schedule.  This should be required reading for all software project managers, technical leads and top management.  
While it's a long book, it lends itself to easy browsing. You can almost dip in at random and find some useful tip on how to improve your chances of bringing your project in on time and unde! r budget. But you'll want to read it straight through at least once. The last section of the book is devoted to individual Best Practices.  Each practice is explained along with its risks and benefits. Not all practices will be applicableto all projects, and the book guides you through when each is appropriate along with what practices it compliments.

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Corporate and commercial software-development teams allwant solutions for one important problem--how to get theirhigh-pressure development schedules under control. In RAPIDDEVELOPMENT, author Steve McConnell addresses that concern head-onwith overall strategies, specific best practices, and valuable tipsthat help shrink and control development schedules and keep projectsmoving. Inside, you'll find:- A rapid-development strategy that canbe applied to any project and the best practices to make that strategywork- Candid discussions of great and not-so-greatrapid-development practices--estimation, prototyping, forced overtime,motivation, teamwork, rapid-development languages, risk management,and many others- A list of classic mistakes to avoid forrapid-development projects, including creeping requirements,shortchanged quality, and silver-bullet syndrome- Case studies thatvividly illustrate what can go wrong, what can go right, and how totell which direction your project is goingRAPID DEVELOPMENT is thereal-world guide to more efficient applications development.

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