Microsoft Project 98 for Dummies Review

Microsoft Project 98 for Dummies
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I really enjoyed the book and learned a lot about Project 98.
Still, the book said that there would be a FORMS folder in the CD which had many forms that would simplify the whole project development process.
Thisfolder doesn't exist (they forgot to include it in the CD even though it isconstantly referred to in the book). I've tried contacting IDG books onnumerous occasions but to no avail. It is a good book - I'm just upset theyleft out a crucial part.
Maybe if they would have used Project 98 to planall the elements of the book they wouldn't have left it out...

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Product Description:
Managing single or multiple projects is tough enough. Why compound your troubles by tackling the learning curve of a new software program at the same time? Instead, turn to Microsoft Project 98 For Dummies and let author Martin Doucette save you the headaches and hassles of mastering Microsoft Project 98 by yourself.
Starting at the very beginning -- What's a project? -- Doucette takes you step-by-step through the powerful features and built-in planning, productivity, and tracking capabilities that make Microsoft Project 98 a must-have for project managers of all stripes and skill levels. In no time, you'll be building your own project schedules to meet deadlines and budgets, using Gantt charts to communicate your ideas visually, and adding pictures, sound files, or movies to your project pages. Sample project files from Microsoft Project 98 For Dummies are included on a special CD-ROM that also features project management software from the Project Management Institute and a trial version of the hot brainstorming software, Project KickStart.

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