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Lessons in Project Management
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This book would be most useful to someone who is currently running a project, is somewhat inexperienced, and who either knows or suspects that something may be going wrong. There are a lot of excellent situational examples of how to understand a problem, diagnose what to do appropriately to the size of the project, and resolve it. As noted by other reviewers, though, this shouldn't be taken as a book that contains a sequence of steps needed to run a successful project.

My favorite explicit lesson was on underpromising and overdelivering. The authors point out that while that's a great approach, never use it as an excuse to sandbag your schedule or add more features that the client didn't necessarily ask for. Overdelivering should only come in the form of early or cheaper than expected delivery of the agreed-upon solution. I couldn't agree more.

There was also a great implicit lesson buried in each of the lessons that wasn't called out explicitly and which at least one of the other reviewers failed to pick up on - the importance of developing a good rapport with project managers and members. In each of the lessons, the authors spend valuable book space describing fictional details and conversations tangential to the lessons at hand. However, I've found that to be an important part of conversations in all aspects of project management, as it's easier to have hard discussions about work-related problems when you've made it clear that you have empathy for them as a person and that any work-releated issues are not an attack on them.

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Most of the project management books on the market are basically textbooks. They are dry to begin with and don't focus on the practical advice that most people need to run their projects. Lessons in Project Management does not assume you are a project manager building a nuclear reactor or sending a man to the moon. Instead, it focuses on the millions of people who manage normal, medium-to-large projects on an ongoing basis. Each case study in Lessons in Project Management contains accessible, easy-to-read case studies in real-world project management challenges. Each presentation of the problem is followed by an examination of the solution, written in easy-to-understand language.The format allows you to relate better to the book since it brings into play a project scenario with practical project management lessons to be learned. You'll also recognize recurring characters that appear in multiple stories and you'll start to develop some empathy and interest for their struggle.

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