IAM Success Tips: Identity And Access Management Success Strategies (Volume 1) Review

IAM Success Tips: Identity And Access Management Success Strategies
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We had just run through an identity project and it tanked - badly.Our company was given all sorts of advice by "Industry Analyst" firms and inbound consultants from several large service delivery companies. In the end, none of it made a difference in our politically charged environment. If our stakeholders could have taken a more measured approach, such as outlined in "IAM Success Tips:Volume1", the results could have been so much better.

Having read "Digital Identity" and other well-known books in the space, here is what I can say about "IAM Success Tips:Volume 1"

--It is not designed as the standard techie or business book. If you're looking for detailed, bit-level discussion of Federation standards, Kerberos, configuring connectors, agents, integration issues, adapters and the like, this book is not for you. On the other hand, if you're interested in getting everyone on the same page and designing a long-lasting successful program that has a good chance of staying on budget and on target with manageability, this book *is* for you

--The book seems to be designed to follow in a course of subsequent volumes, and this is referenced in the book as well. Project Management, Implementation Details, and other facets of the "Six Stages" discussed in this book, will be covered in later volumes

--The book is clearly written, and contains useful examples. Moreover, it attempts to reduce the mystery surrounding identity management acronyms. I shared this book with a couple of non-technical managers, and they were able to follow along easily

--The book starts with a detailed introduction, then gets right into the tips. The tips in this book are written in mostly consecutive order, with a strong emphasis on how to start the right way before even beginning. In some ways, it reminded me of Sun Tsu's statement of "every battle is won, before it is ever fought." So true with large IT projects!!

--Following the tips, is an appendix section which covers a plethora of issues, from identity-related regulations, to role modeling. I found this section to be especially useful for additional background information I had not seen covered elsewhere on the web

Favorite parts of the book:

--The Appendix - as noted above. Provides some useful background from someone who has obviously done this in the real world, instead of philosophizing about "best practices"

-- Tip #10:"Identifying the Stakeholders With the Most to Win or Lose"

This is one of the many valuable ways in which the book tackles tough political topics. Few seem to understand, my company included, that politics and culture make or break projects, not technology. (Though technology can cause its own set of issues.) The stakeholder tips were well worth the read and will be useful in my next project.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book. It is concise, well-written, useful, not too long and not too short, and easy to follow.

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In this easy-to-read action guide, Corbin H. Links shares key strategies for successfully planning and organizing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Program. Mr. Links brings something to the table that no one else does - success tips and strategies that are truly vendor neutral, and designed to work for any organization regardless of size or business type. This book is the result of over 11 years designing and implementing IAM strategies for a diverse international client base. This book has one primary purpose: save organizations time and money in their Strategic Business Initiatives, without sacrificing quality or alignment with goals. The companion website to this book is located at http://www.iamsuccesstips.com.

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