Developing Wind Power Projects: Theory and Practice Review

Developing Wind Power Projects: Theory and Practice
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Professor Wizelius presents an objective approach to Wind Power Projects and fundamental concepts. The book covers some important Wind Power aspects from A to Z - from technical issues to project development and commercial feasibility analysis. I strongly recommend this book to any one interested in the Wind Power or Renewable Energy business.

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Wind power is developing rapidly, both in the number of new installations and in the interest from various stakeholders including policy makers, NGOs, research scientists, industry, and a broader general public. Unlike the majority of other texts on wind power, which are written primarily for engineers or policy analysts, this book specifically targets professionals and students interested in wind power project development.
Having outlined wind power basics and explained the underlying resource and technology, the author explores the interactions between wind power and society and the main aspects of project development, including, siting, economics, and legislation.
Based on a successful Swedish edition, expanded and updated for an international market, this book will be an essential reference for professionals developing new sites, government officials and consultants reviewing related applications, and both specialists and non-specialists studying wind power project development.

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