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Corporate Software Project Management
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Basically this is one of many books on software project management.However, it does have a few features that make it a standout in this category.One of the things that differentiate this book is the included software tools like Open Work Bench and version control software.While many project management books cover just management of the project from an internal perspective, this one includes management of the external factors with the client.For example they discuss the importance of setting up a liaison center as a primary contact point for the client and dealing with client dissatisfaction.It is obvious that the author has had some experience with project management from gathering client expectations through delivering the final product.

Some of the areas discussed include setting standards and guidelines, project specifications, development and testing, and requirements definition.He details some of the things that need to be captured up front for a successful project such as system context, operating environment, end-user services, supporting services, documentation, and maintenance.

I've seen a lot of software projects go awry for various reasons and this book details the steps to be taken to prevent those problems right from the start.Because it takes a complete view and deals not only with the coding and the internal perspective of project management but also with client relations and setting up a framework within which to work with the client, Corporate Software Project Management is highly recommended and superior to most other project management books.

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Product Description:
Learn to produce quality software on time and within budget!
It has long been accepted in the software industry that projects will be late, over budget, and lacking in agreed upon features due to technical or time limitations. As more companies become involved with the development and deployment of large-scale software projects, it is necessary to define ways to ensure that quality products are produced. Corporate Software Project Management focuses on the three main areas for efficient software development: management, quality, and client relations. It provides a series of globally applicable methods that can enhance productivity and reduce costs within software teams, without sacrificing quality. In addition to the management aspects, the book also deals with the technical side of software engineering. This section of the book illustrates the decisions that need to be made when planning the implementation phase of the project. Examples of how software can be designed to maximize code for future projects are also included. Corporate !Software Project Management provides managers, developers, and programmers with methods and techniques that will help them produce quality products from start to finish.
* Teaches easy-to-implement methods that help software development teams increase productivity and lower costs
* Covers key development areas, including outsourcing, specifications, testing, reusable code, code and language choice, product delivery, and client satisfaction
* Focuses on the three most important aspects to software engineering: management, quality, and client relations
* Provides guidelines to the type of standards that need to be created within your software development team and what these standards should cover
* Discusses the technical issues behind implementing a client's design
* Includes a CD-ROM with third-party software, templates for use in planning and reporting software projects, and all the figures from the book
On the CD!
* MindJet MindManager® X5 - Trial version of this brainstorming, organizational software
* OpenWorkBench - A stand-alone desktop application that provides robust project scheduling functionality
* Resource Standard Metrics - Trial version of M Squared Technologies' RSM source code metrics and quality analysis tool
* Subversion - A version control system
* WinCVS - A set of sophisticated GUIs for CVS
* Figures - Contains all the images from the book by chapter
* Skeleton Documents - Provides a set of templates that can be used for planning and reporting your software projects
PC: Windows NT, Windows 2000 Pro, or Windows XP, Web browser, Pentium IV processor or greater, CD-ROM drive, hard drive, 128MB RAM minimum, 512MB recommended.

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