The Complete Guide to Special Event Management Review

The Complete Guide to Special Event Management
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I was actually looking for a book about the organising of events with small groups of clients, up to 10 and at most 20 people. This was not what I was looking for....However it instilled a lot of new ideas in my crainium that I was able to carry over into my daily line of work when organising presentations to clients and events with clients.
This book was definately written for the novice special event manager in mind. It deals mainly with the staging of large events such as concerts, olympics, and charity events. They introduce the main stages of special events, problems that can occur, risk involved in taking on a special event, making sure you do your demographics homework to estimate the success of the event, chosing the venue, using television and radio for publicity to increase visitation, making a profit, security before, during after the event, the finale, closing down the event.
Even if you are organising events for a small number of participants, I highly recommend reading this book.

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Produced by the advisors to the Nobel Peace Prize and the 1984 Olympics, it offers practical event management and marketing advice plus anecdotes in an easy-to-read format. Precisely explains how to build image recognition through sponsoring diverse sizes and types of events ranging from entertainment to sports. Covers every stage of marketing, logistics, finance, concessions and public relations.

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