Right-Brain Project Management: A Complementary Approach Review

Right-Brain Project Management: A Complementary Approach
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I loved this book! I've been using right-brain techniques for years, but always felt a little out of the PM realm when using them. This book not only gives me validation that I was doing the best thing for my team (by using right- and left-brain techniques), but also gives me exceptional tips and tools with which to enhance my skills. Way to go, Dr. Aucoin!!

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Product Description:
Right-Brain Project Management: A Complementary Approach looks at contemporary project management from a fresh perspective, exploringright-brain approaches that are intuitive and capitalize on natural human thinking and activity. Coupled with the logical and formal, orleft-brain, methodology associated with conventional project management, facilitation of right-brain functions offers a good range of techniques for project success. Presenting extensive research and the experiences of project managers who use right-brain approaches successfully, this book sheds a unique and hopeful light on conquering the challenges of contemporary projects.
In this valuable resource, you will:
-Explore the current landscape of project management, which highlights contemporary projects that are complex and aggressive
-Examine topics that address how people grow and develop patterns of thinking and attitudes that have a profound effect on the management of projects
-Consider what truly motivates people to get out of bed and right to their projects
-Evaluate the profound changes that take place on projects and how to navigate those changes
-Discover the seven principles of right-brain project management, founded on the powerful and rich processing capabilities of the right brain

Learn how the successful project manager can become a whole-brain project manager by enlisting resources from both the right and the left sides, and how to further enhance project management by incorporating innovation and flexibility.

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