Project Planning, Scheduling & Control, 3rd Edition Review

Project Planning,  Scheduling & Control, 3rd Edition
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If more project people read, practised and internalized the principles in this book, fewer projects would be out of control.I've been through the text completely, twice, and refer to the sample forms and checklists,often.Have recomended the text to client project leaders who are new tothe concept.The Checklist for Managing Projects in the Appendix is amust have for the PM controlling the team. The first few chapters speakto the people side of project management.The middle section is devoted tothe computations, PERT, and other statistical measures of project tracking. The final chapters ease back into the management styles needed, dealingwith resistence, how to mold the team, and leaves the reader fairlyoptimistic that the project can be had on time and on budget.

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Unique among project management books, Project Planning, Scheduling & Control is renowned for its applications-oriented, non-theoretical understanding of the flexibility required in day-to-day management situations. New material in this long-awaited third edition includes easy-to-follow guidelines for managing multiple projects, effective risk management strategies, an innovative blueprint for developing a workable project methodology, and more.

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