The Project Management Paradigm (Practitioner Series) Review

The Project Management Paradigm
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Although there seems to be good information in this book, it is so poorly written, and the grammer so poor, it is increadably hard to read. The editors did not doavery good job making the book readable.

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Product Description:
This book is about Project Management and how projects should be managed and controlled, including people and tools. Its format consists of two major components. The first concentrates on principles and the human aspects of project management, while the second component of the book specifies a structured, practical, formal process to the principles and approaches in this book lend themselves to project managing the paradigm of technical, management and organisational changes. To use the methodology effectively, it is necessary first to understand and appreciate the people aspect behind a project e. g. their multi-cultural diversities, and the roles and responsibilities of each project player. Combining human aspects and methodology principles is the basic purpose throughout this book; and the authors objective is to disseminate a better understanding of a Project Management Methodology and illustrate its universality.

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