Organizations Through the Eyes of a Project Manager Review

Organizations Through the Eyes of a Project Manager
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I'm still reading this book by the time of this review, and I'm giving it 2 stars out of five. Why? I found something that I really disliked. In chapter 4, page 78, the author is explaining about the greatest men in history that standed out by their impressive LEADERSHIP and VISION. Guess who he decided to include in the list to inspire you... GEORGE W. BUSH! He explains how he related his vision of "ridding the world from terrorism" to other world leaders and American people.

If I recall correctly, Bush forced a war, amidst massive world protests, against a country who didn't have NOTHING to do with the 9/11 attacks or ever had the infamous weapons of mass destruction, which Collin Powell affirmed with doctored evidence to Congress. Because of that senseless war against a country that never posed a THREAT to Americans, thousands of innocent lives were lost, including the sons and daughters from America. And even more suffered irreparable injuries to their bodies and minds. Not only that, war played an important role in the economic debacle we're facing now.

The United States of America lived one of its DARKEST and frightening years with Bush as the president, a man who not almost grants Bin Laden's whishes of destroying America (who needs terrorists when we have Bush), but almost ended with his own Republican party.

There's no way Harvey F. Hoffman is going to sell me that example of exceptional leadership from where we're supposed to learn.

Hoffman has to learn how to separate his own personal political views from preparing people for the project management certification. He did it on purpose just to somehow "honor" Bush and counter all those who criticize him and denounce his stupidity.

When it comes to good examples of vision and leadership, there is George WASHINGTON, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy among thousands others. What about Ghandi?...

Hoffman crossed the line there.

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This book examines the project manager's role in an organization, and explains how to get a job done on time, within budget, and without compromising quality targets. A comprehensive, well-organized, and easy-to-read guide, this book assists the user in their preparations for the Project+ certification examination offered by CompTIA and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) offered by the Project Management Institute.This book covers many of the topics required by the CompTIA Project+ examination, including the organization's expectations; organization structures and professionalism; management concepts; leadership, teams, and project lifecycle; project planning, objectives, statement of work, and the work breakdown structure; time management; introduction to Microsoft Project; project cost management; cost estimating and learning curves; project communications; quality planning, assurance, and control; and risk management.For associate project managers and assistant project managers.

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