Microsoft Project Version 2002 Step by Step (Cpg-Step By Step) Review

Microsoft Project Version 2002 Step by Step
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I went through the book, cover to cover, word for word...doing all the examples whose files came from the included CD-ROM...never ran into any problems. Everything worked fine.
I guess I felt like a soldier marching through all the features in a logical progression. The book tells you what to type in step by step...introduces you to all the features (there is a lot that you can do with project 2002 besides manage your own, you can consolidate projects so that you have a project plan that contains other project plans that you can view and can create a VBA (Visual Basic Appliation) macro to run and update your HTML project can learn about Earned Value Analysis, which gives you additional insight into how your project is progressing (maybe similar to the internal rate of return used in Financial analysis to give you a report card on how well your investment is doing)...
I found the chapters were simple to step through and complete. The authors have a somewhat cut and dried tone that actually seems to suit the purpose at hand well, which is to drag you through all the features and details of project 2002 in a limited amount of space and time....And they do this in 369 pages (the chapters only, not the appendices) instead of over a 1000 pages as some books. So the book is for the beginner in Project, If you already have knowledge of project or read any other books on it, you'll want to find something more intermediate or advanced and this won't do it for you. I liked the book for keeping an even keel and not going off on any tangents...they had a goal to show you all the features and seem to accomplish that...Their treatment of many of the subjects in the book are elementary and you'll need to find other books eg., on VBA, to pursue it further.
What it purports to do is give you a step by step introductory knowledge of project 2002 with real world examples.So what doesn't it do?What it doesn't do is commit to showing you how to apply project management which is really what you want to do....knowing all the features is nice but show me a coherent "way" to put it into action...I think I need to get another book to do that.

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Product Description:
Teach yourself exactly what you need to know about using Microsoft Project 2002 project-management software-just when you need it. With STEP BY STEP, you can work through every lesson or choose your own best starting point. The book uses easy-to-follow instructions and friendly, non-intimidating language to walk you through the steps for planning, organizing, and analyzing project tasks, deadlines, and resources. Hone your new skills using practice files on CD. STEP BY STEP is the easy way to introduce yourself to Microsoft Project 2002 features and functions-and quickly build mastery with everyday tasks-one step at a time!

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