Microsoft Project 2002 Bible Review

Microsoft Project 2002 Bible
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With its consolidated pattern, this "Microsoft Project 2002 Bible" harnessed all the vital information, which users of the software would need. It is a well-structured text, which delivers its message with comprehensible authority.
Like the software that it described, this book adopted the most recent principles of project development. It provided elaborate details on how to implement plans: using tracking and analytic procedures. There are several suggestions and options on how to adjust to changes and other uncertainties, while finalizing both plans and reports. Additional tips on how to maximize the benefits of SQL-based Project 2002 Server, as well as how to collaborate tasks with both private and official colleagues were included. There is no significant element of the software that eluded this book. Its attached CD-ROM provides extra flexibility.
This is a valuable and a remarkable textbook. It remains a salient compendium for all users of "Project 2002" software: whether an expert or a beginner.

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Product Description:
"The Project Bible is comprehensive, well organized, and appeals to beginners and project managers alike. I heartily recommend it."
-Roy Nierenberg, President, Experience In Software, Inc.
* Harness new enterprise-class project management functionality
* Unleash the power of the new SQL-based Microsoft Project Server 2002
* Empower your project teams with new collaboration tools
If Microsoft Project 2002 can do it, you can do it too . . .
Microsoft Project 2002 brings new enterprise-class collaboration functionality to the world's leading project management software. Organized the way you work, this comprehensive tutorial and reference delivers all the know-how you need to increase productivity and reduce costs on all your business projects with Project 2002. Special coverage of new features for collaboration, ease of use, and enterprise functionality will help you reap the full benefits of this powerful planning tool.
Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Microsoft Project 2002
* Plan your projects for maximum efficiency and cost savings
* Connect workgroups with e-mail or Web-based collaboration tools
* Organize, track, store, and share project details and documents
* Standardize project reporting and analysis across your organization
* Manage and allocate enterprise resources and personnel across multiple projects
* Gain insight through simulation and analysis tools
* Integrate Project with other applications and databases
* Develop custom Project applications for greater flexibility
Bonus CD-ROM
Get ready-to-use Project sample files plus additional project management tools, including trial or demo versions of:
* Innate Timesheets and Innate Resource Manager
* Project Kickstart
* WBS Chart Pro
* TimeSheet Professional
* Milestones Professional 2002
* MPX Translator

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