Management Of Defense Acquisition Projects (Library of Flight Series) Review

Management Of Defense Acquisition Projects
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The book is composed of independent chapters, each mentioning a different aspect of defense projects and written by different people.

Naturally the book is about management of defense projects in the United States style, i.e. it is about concepts and methods employed in the United States. United States is arguably the most open country about management of defense projects (its budget, GAO reports, magazines and journals...etc). Therefore the specific focus of the book is acceptable. In fact, as a consequence of this specific focus, the reader can easily access to additional resources about subjects mentioned in the book.

As a matter of fact, it is possible to access information from other sources (such as standards, DoD directives, the Internet) about subjects mentioned in the book. But this book serves all the fundamental information in a single book, in an order set by professional writers and supplemented by case studies.

My only critic is about case studies. I think more detailed case studies could be supplied. There are a wide range of open source material about specific projects. Detailed case studies would enhance effectiveness of the book.

I highly recommend the book to all in the defense industry and also to the academicians working on defense matters.

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Product Description:
Defense acquisition projects cost billions of taxpayer dollars each year. These huge investments, coupled with seemingly perennial criticisms of waste and mismanagement, point out the need for a clearly written guide to the myriad functions and issues involved in defense acquisition management. This book, written for both students and practitioners, enables the reader to understand the broad range of disciplines and activities that must be integrated in order to achieve successful acquisition outcomes.Written by academics and practitioners from the Naval Postgraduate School, the book provides a basic overview of each functional area that supports defense acquisition projects as well as its application to those projects. These functional areas include systems engineering, financial management, contract management, test and evaluation, production management, and logistics and sustainment. The book also highlights significant issues such as organizational considerations, the defense industrial base, and acquisition workforce issues. Learning objectives are stated at the beginning of each chapter and study questions are provided at the end of each chapter.It is written in a manner that will withstand the many DOD policy changes that are often associated with defense acquisition programs, giving the book a long and enduring shelf life.

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