Effective Opportunity Management for Projects (Center for Business Practices, 6) Review

Effective Opportunity Management for Projects
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If you have listened to Dr Hillson in one of his lectures or presentations in a PMI Congress, you will be able to appreciate what to wait from this book. It was one of the best I read related with project risk management, when it was published, as well as when I edit this review in mid 2009.Project risk management is one of my preferred knowledge areas, mostly due to the lack of attention by most of the project management community.

The book is well structured, according to the Project Management Institute standard PMBOK 3rd edition (and it complies very well with the current 4th edition version), going deep into the different risk processes. The risk identification chapter is packed with consulting techniques, explained with detail. I also enjoyed the qualitative assessment process chapter. Thequantitative risk analysis chapter is devoted to Monte Carlo simulation, but misses Decision Tree analysis. Dr. Hillson does well describing how to feed data into a simulation, given the results of the qualitative risk assessment, and interpreting the outputs of the simulation.

His exposition is perfectly clear, sometimes going into the subject over and over, so it is a great learning book suitable as a risk text book for a Project Management masters or any postgraduate courses. Excellent as well for PMP candidates.

Don't be fouled by the title. The author goes into negative impact risks as well as to positive impact risks (opportunities).
This book is worth every penny it costs.

Jorge Alsina, PMP, Eng, PAG (review edited on May 30, 2009)

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Product Description:
Reviews the nature of risk and current strategies in risk management before introducing and thoroughly describing the opportunity management process. Discusses identification of the opportunity management process, qualitative assessment, quantitative analysis, planning responses, and monitoring and control.

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