Best Practices in Business Technology Management Review

Best Practices in Business Technology Management
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This book provides good overview of corporate Information Technology and the issues a corporation needs to consider.
The author reinforces various themes throughout the book. As the senior technology manager of a 300 personcompany I found the concepts very interesting, all though I think the main audience is for Technology leaders of much larger corporations.The book is well worth a read, it is written in plain english and has lots ofeasily understandable graphs.

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Despite the exponential growth of computing and communications technology, the inertia of old business technology management practices still drives most investment decisions in this area. Companies spend too much money on new technology, while their business models and processes underutilize the resources they already have. Written in a compelling, conversational manner, Best Practices in Business Technology Management advises those who buy, install, and support all types of computing and communications technology, empowering them to optimize their systems in new and innovative ways.Divided into six chapters, the book provides insight into the field, discussing decision-making, trends, alignment, optimization, processes, timing, and other areas. It includes practical hands-on advice that explores organization, the challenges of working with people, acquisition and measurement of technology, operational effectiveness, and strategic effectiveness. The best practices presented are not theoretical or untested. Rather, they are the result of trench warfare and real applications. The insights contained in this volume represent what successful companies have done—and continue to do—to optimize the business technology relationship.A nationally-known business technology veteran, author Stephen J. Andriole has developed a perspective on the optimization of computing and communications technology based on years of experience from government, industry, academia, and the venture capital business. In this book, he demonstrates how those who buy and deploy technology can optimize their technology in a way that saves costs and provides maximum performance.

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