Essential People Skills for Project Managers Review

Essential People Skills for Project Managers
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This book provided a great overview of how to effectively work with project team members through the stress and challenges that projects pose. I read it initially in 2005 and recently just reread it again. It helped me look at the PM role from many different perspectives, including that of mentor.

People issues are the challeges that keep most of us awake at night. How do we motivate the team? How do we manage the conflicts? How do we tone down the stress levels? This book gives practical advice that can be immediately applied.

My favorite part was the chapter on dealing with critical incidents - when tramatic events strike the project team. I keep this advice on standby knowing it will save my project some day. My least favorite part was a subchapter regarding individual personality styles. But even that is applicable.

So I very highly recommend reading this book!

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A Treasury of How-to Guidance for Project Success!People problems can really hurt your project, causing delays, eroding quality, increasing costs, and resulting in high levels of stress for everyone on the team. Yet if you re like most project managers, you ve never been taught the soft skills necessary for managing tough people issues. Essential People Skills for Project Managers brings the key concepts of people skills into sharp focus, offering specific, practical skills that you can grasp quickly, apply immediately, and use to resolve these often difficult people issues. Derived from the widely popular original book, People Skills for Project Managers, this new version provides condensed content and a practical focus.Apply project leadership techniques with confidence Resolve conflicts and motivate team members Help a team recover after a critical incident Determine your team memberspersonal styles so you can work more effectively with them

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