Determining Project Requirements (ESI International Project Mgmt) Review

Determining Project Requirements
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This book is great.It has summarized my experiences (pieces of which I have forgotten over the years) AND prepared me for upcoming projects. I am strongly reocommending that my staff read this book. It is comprehensive and easy to read....ah, heck - it is pleasant to read.

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Organizations waste millions of dollars every year on failed projects. Failure is practically guaranteed by poor or incomplete requirements that do not properly define projects in their initial stages. Business analysis is the critical process ensuring projects start on the path toward success. To accurately determine project requirements, business analysts must be experts at business, communication, facilitation, negotiation, and this book is a step-by-step manual for honing these skills.
Drawing from the author's more than 20 years in industry and ten years in teaching, Determining Project Requirements provides the essential techniques for business analysis. The book steps through each analysis phase from the initial idea stage to the final defined and validated requirements. The book covers the professional role of business analysts, the evolution of business analysis, and current and emerging standards. A practical example running throughout the book demonstrates how to nail down customer requirements for all levels of the organization and make sure project teams fully understand what customers require. It also explains how to select the appropriate techniques for analyzing different types of projects and for eliciting a broad range of requirements. The book includes exercises, best practices, tools, templates, and customizable solutions, as well as two examples of the Business Requirements Document. The book thoroughly explores the business analyst's role in different organizations, the difficulties in capturing requirements, and the tools that assist the analysis process.
With readily applicable theories, tools, and techniques, Determining Project Requirements provides a foundation for formalizing business analysis processes and ensuring project success within the readers organization.

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