Managing Interactive Media Projects Review

Managing Interactive Media Projects
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Even if you are not a web designer or interactive media creator, the book "Managing Interactive Media Projects " by Tim Frick, is a great resource. I use this book in my college-level web design introductory class and it is a God-send. This book breaks down the complete creative process for you and is replete with comprehensive and practical advice -- as well as great case studies that illustrate what can go right or wrong.Reading this book will help you to understand many phases of the project management process, such as:

* Managing projects
* Conceptualizing an idea and initial planning
* Proposal writing
* Defining from your project specification
* Understanding different design processes that are effected by content
* Presenting your ideas to the client
* Flowcharting your idea
* Creating scripts and asset lists
* Art direction
* The revision process, approvals, scope and feature creep
* Design production
* Production and programming
* Testing, revision tracking and quality assurance

All projects, no matter what type of media, have specific logic-flow or development order from its inception (idea) to completion. All of the above concepts go through specific cycles, whether you follow an "ADDIE" or Agile routine ------ this book works. Frick's book helps you to understand the process within the process ------ it's a great investment.

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From the birth of a media project idea to the implementation and maintenance of that project, this book provides the skills and know-how to master the process of managing interactive media projects. Managing Interactive Media Projects offers important insights and techniques for various approaches to the process of creating interactive media. It covers the ever-important steps of planning, documenting, writing, designing, implementing, testing, debugging and maintaining interactive media projects that range from web sites and online media to DVDs, CD-ROMs and Flash. Detailed breakdowns of key steps in developing interactive projects coupled with in-depth case studies and digital supplemental materials make it a valuable resource in today's creative market. Written in a cohesive yet easy to understand manner, this book will transform the daily drudgery of technical specifications and documentation into an easy-to-implement process that will help readers to surpass even their own expectations on their interactive media projects.

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