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This is heavily laced with a practitioners perspective and insights and some of them can be very valuable especially for those involved in construction projects. He also does not shy away from the accounting side of project costing and while it does not receive the depth and treatment this deserves he at least brings it into sight unlike the 99% of other project management that act like this area doesn't exist.

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Dennis Lock's masterly exposition of the principles and practice of project management has been preeminent in its field for four decades. It was among the very few early books to treat project management holistically, rather than as a collection of separate techniques. It thus explains the entire project management process in great detail, demonstrating techniques ranging from the simplest of charts to sophisticated computer applications. Everything is reinforced throughout with case examples and diagrams. The text has been completely restructured and largely rewritten for this ninth edition, so that the sequence now follows even more closely the life-cycle of a typical project from its earliest definition to final close-out. Case examples and diagrams have all been reviewed, updated, augmented or replaced. Expansion from 25 to 30 chapters has allowed greater emphasis to be given to stakeholders' perceptions of success, the organization and management of business change projects, people's roles in project management and the wider business contexts in which project management has been adopted.As with previous editions, meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the text style is reader-friendly and free of unnecessary jargon, with clear diagrams and a construction that is logically organized, well indexed and simple to navigate. The result is certain to maintain the book's acclaimed status as the standard work for managers and students alike.

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