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Project Leadership
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I found James Lewis's book very fast reading and very focused on the various attributes of leadership skills.
He points out crisp methodolgies for adapting and understanding proven leadership principles. For anyone moving into the role of a project manager, I recommend Lewis's book as you'll learn the skills for how best to match the right person [with the right skill set] to a particular task, tips on building rapport with teams either internal or external, and how to obtain credibility with your team.

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Solutions for growing beyond mere management into a truly accomplished project leader
In today's high-performance, competitive environment, the importance of project success has never been more critical or the failure rate more pronounced. Project Leadership provides a step-by-step program for transforming by-the-book project managers into true leaders who are capable of helping their team members plan, execute, and sustain consistent project success­­even in an environment of relentless pressure, continuous innovation, and unforeseen change.
Author and project management icon James P. Lewis has created a hands-on blueprint for building a focused project team, forging it into a strong unit, and going beyond the principles of management to effectively lead it to success. Drawing on Lewis's exhaustive knowledge of project management and current best practices in leadership, Project Leadership discusses:

    How to use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure project management success
    Proven leadership principles, and ways to both understand and adopt them
    Case studies of best-practices project leadership in action

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