The Little Black Book of Project Management Review

The Little Black Book of Project Management
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I was looking for a book that would get me going fairly quickly.I had a project with a tight budget that was going to take the better part of a year.I needed to start managing it, and I needed to start then.Those600+ page college-text style tomes were not going to help.Then I foundthis little gem, and I was off and running.
Thomsett starts at thebeginning--organizing-- then in 11 chapters and 182 pages describesplanning, team-building, budgeting, scheduling, communication,documentation, review, and even tips for eliminating common problems.Themost important (and common) tools such as PERT and Gantt charts, flowdiagrams, etc. are all here.There are even exercises after each chapter(with answers in the appendix) so you can test yourself and make sureyou've got it.
This book helped me get it, and gave me the tools I neededto be able to manage my project successfully.If you're an accomplishedproject manager, this book will seem basic (although it may be a goodreview).If you're starting down this path or want to share the basicswith your team members, you'll find it to be quite helpful.

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