A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide): 2000 Edition Review

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: 2000 Edition
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I found having the PMBOK in Adobe Acrobat format to be a real convenience and prefer it to the paper version.Note:while you can download a copy of this document from PMI's web site, it's a preview version that is missing chapters 2, 4-12 and appendices A through F.Therefore, if you need a copy of the PMBOK 2000 version your options are to purchase either the CD ROM or the book.
PMI has put a lot of work into this version.Compared to the 1996 version this one reads better, shows clearer relationships between knowledge areas, and has been greatly expanded in some of the knowledge areas - most notably risk management and earned value project management.The CD ROM version that I am reviewing has additional refinements that make this media easier to work with. The 1996 version in electronic format was a collection of standalone Adobe Acrobat files, this version is a single Acrobat file that makes good use of Acrobat's navigation features.
If your reason for buying the PMBOK 2000 is to prepare for the Project Management Professional certification you have two choices:CD ROM or book, because this is the primary source of test questions.Heed the previous reviewer's comments that the 2001 examinations will also use the 1996 version as a basis for test questions.If you are buying this book to implement project management processes that conform to the PMBOK and work in the computer industry I recommend that you also look at Information Technology Project Management by Kathy Schwalbe. That book presents a project management approach for IT projects that is closely aligned to the PMBOK.

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Product Description:
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK® Guide)- 2000 Edition is your basic reference and theworld's de facto standard for the project management profession. Itwas designated an American National Standard (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2000) bythe American National Standards Institute in March 2001.
The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) is an inclusive termthat describes the sum of knowledge within the profession of projectmanagement. The PMBOK® Guide identifies and describes the subset ofprinciples and practices within the PMBOK® that are generally acceptedand applicable to most projects most of the time. The guide alsoprovides a common lexicon for talking about projectmanagement. Project management is a relatively young profession, andwhile there is substantial commonality around what is done, there isrelatively little commonality in the terms used. An extensive glossaryfurther aids in standardizing definitions of the most importantconcepts, terms, and phrases.
The Project Management Institute (PMI®) uses the PMBOK® Guide as oneof the references for the Project Management Professional (PMP®)Certification Examination. Major revisions and expansions of thisedition include:
- Aligned newly added processes, tools, and techniques with the five project processes and nine knowledge areas. For example, reserve time, variance analysis, and activity attributes were added to Chapter 6 (Project Time Management); estimating publications and earned value were added to Chapter 7 (Project Cost Management); and project reports, project presentations, and project closure were added to Chapter 10 (Project Communications Management).
- Added a section in Chapter 2 to acknowledge the role of the Project Office; expanded the treatment of earned value management in Chapter 4 and Chapter 10; and added a brief discussion of the Theory of Constraints in Chapter 6.
- Expanded Chapter 11 (Project Risk Management) to include six processes instead of the previous four: Risk Management Planning, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, RiskQuantification, Risk Response Planning, and Risk Monitoring and Control.
- Strengthened the linkage between organizational strategy and project management throughout.
The PMBOK® Guide is one of those indispensable tools that you will want at your fingertips, both at work and in your home office. Selected as a suggested resource for CAPM®, CAQ® Automotive Product Development, CAQ Capital Projects, CAQ Information Technology Systems, CAQ Information Technology Networking, and CAQ Project Management Office exam preparation.
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