Essentials of Project and Systems Engineering Management Review

Essentials of Project and Systems Engineering Management
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I used this textbook while developing a university course "Systems Engineering for Project Managers."I found it did not do an adequate job at describing the complimentary and synergistic relationship between SE and PM disciplines.I found myself developing much of that material from scratch.For example, I had to create a SE-PM Venn Diagram to illustrate the separate areas and highlight the overlapping ones, and the aforementioned text does not describe the different perspectives that systems engineering and project management take with regard to Requirements Management.It also does not describe the need for cross-pollination of Industries project management best practices and the Defense Departments successful implementation of Systems Engineering.Finally, the author does not bring a wealth of practical lessons learned to the material.Lessons gained through industry experience.The academics are good, but the practical is a bit short.An alternative to this work is the PM Network paper written by Steven R. Meier entitled, "Best Project Management and Systems Engineering Practices in the Preacquisition Phase for Federal Intelligence and Defense Agencies," which is in the public domain.

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Product Description:
The Third Edition of Essentials of Project and Systems Engineering Management enables readers to manage the design, development, and engineering of systems effectively and efficiently. The book both defines and describes the essentials of project and systems engineering management and, moreover, shows the critical relationship and interconnection between project management and systems engineering. The author's comprehensive presentation has proven successful in enabling both engineers and project managers to understand their roles, collaborate, and quickly grasp and apply all the basic principles.
Readers familiar with the previous two critically acclaimed editions will find much new material in this latest edition, including:

    Multiple views of and approaches to architectures
    The systems engineer and software engineering
    The acquisition of systems
    Problems with systems, software, and requirements
    Group processes and decision making
    System complexity and integration
Throughout the presentation, clear examples help readers understand how concepts have been put into practice in real-world situations.

With its unique integration of project management and systems engineering, this book helps both engineers and project managers across a broad range of industries successfully develop and manage a project team that, in turn, builds successful systems. For engineering and management students in such disciplines as technology management, systems engineering, and industrial engineering, the book provides excellent preparation for moving from the classroom to industry.

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