Construction Project Administration (9th Edition) Review

Construction Project Administration
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One would have thought that after so many editions, the thick book would have been far less wordy and better structured. The main problem is not structuring according to project life cycle, resulting in many repetitions and unnecessary topics such as how to use a camera on site! Construction projects must be managed in a simple and efficient manner so that milestones can be tracked and problems are quickly resolved. Having unnecessary details divert attention from such basic principles.

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Using simple, straightforward language, this text addresses how a successful construction project is managed and administered from design through construction to closeout. With the goal of uniting the key stakeholders (contractors, architects, engineers, etc) and providing them with a workable system for operating as an effective construction team, Construction Project Administration reflects the latest technology, laws and regulations. Topics pertinent to each stage of a project are introduced and discussed as they occur throughout the life of the project. Numerous real-world examples are included.This edition includes coverage of BIM, the introduction of the 2004 version of CSI Masterformat™ and a complete chapter on electronic project administration. By tracing a construction project from start to finish, Construction Project Administration offers a single source of information for all in the construction industry.

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