Financing Energy Projects in Emerging Economies Review

Financing Energy Projects in Emerging Economies
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Coming from a non-finance background, I was pleased with the amount of information that I found in the book.If the information in this book were joined with some case studies or a semester long assignment in creating a financing package for a mock energy project, it would be appropriate classwork for a top MBA program.

One obvious complaint, assuming that the book is not directed at seasoned financial engineers who are already rolling in money, the price is a bit steep for those seeking money for projects in developing countries.A less expensive alternative is to go to the World Bank web site and search for the author's name.There you can find a 300 slide powerpoint display of the book's "highlights".Personally, because of the book's portability and text that expands upon the "highlights" , I thought that the book was worth the price.

To address the issue raised by my peer Amazon book critic as to what actually happens when a project's financial engineers sit down with a country's finance minister and a World Bank loan assessment team behind closed doors, I agree that those chapters are missing.So, if I were like him/her and already adept at financial engineering, I think that I would skip this book and start writing my own entitled "Advanced Financial Engineering for Energy Projects in Emerging Economies".

If someone does write a more advanced book on this subject, I would buy a copy (even at an inflated price) in a heartbeat.Others might also, as this book by Razavi is rapidly becoming dated and the energy crisis in developing countries is just beginning.

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Provides first-hand information and analysis of how multilateral, bilateral, and commercial financiers choose energy development projects to support.

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