Managing e-Business Projects Review

Managing e-Business Projects
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Although this book is about managing e-business projects the information can be effectively applied to any IT or software development project.The author starts with an accurate portrayal of the differences between traditional IT projects and the unique issues associated with e-business projects, then launches into one of the best descriptions of how to effectively manage an e-business project that I've read to date.
What makes this book so valuable, in my opinion, is the structured approach that is provided for planning, estimating and controlling an e-business project.Every aspect is thoroughly covered, starting with setting scope and developing the work breakdown structure, to managing documentation.Key areas covered by the chapters in this book include how to manage:scope, schedule, cost, stakeholder and team, risk, technology, quality, change, subcontractors and documentation.In other words, the full spectrum of key success factors.In fact the subtitle of this book is "99 Key Success Factors" and it lives up to that subtitle.
I've not found a more complete book that covers the range of techniques that this one contains, which is why I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in planning and managing an e-business project. Another point is that the topic areas are closely aligned to the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge, although the author does not make any claims that this is the case. As such, this book is particularly valuable to project managers and organizations who work within that framework.
Where this book provides the sequence and techniques, "Delivering on Your e-Promise: Managing e-Business Projects" by Yen Yee Chong (ISBN 0273652966) seamlessly augments it by providing the business context and a detailed focus on the realities of managing e-business projects, making the combination of the two books a complete resource for e-business project managers.

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The book provides a solid framework for managing e-business projects. With the increased popularity of web technologies, a growing number of people are now becoming involved in e-business. The book is primarily intended for current and prospective e-business project managers who wish to share ideas, experiences, and best practices. Recent market surveys of GartnerGroup, Forrester, and StandishGroup indicate that many e-business projects fail due to a lack of operational excellence in project management. Some project management techniques proven in traditional IT projects for decades can be also applied to e-business projects, but not all. This book shows which proven techniques are still valid and provides new techniques for situations that are unique to or have a special significance in e-business projects. Based on real-world experience, 99 concise key success factors are discussed preparing the reader to manage e-business projects on time and on budget.

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