Microsoft Project 2000 Bible Review

Microsoft Project 2000 Bible
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Although I've used Project 98 briefly, I just got a hold of Project 2000 and needed a book that could get me up to speed, especially for the Project Central Portion of the Software. This "Bible" is a good startingpoint. It's easily laid out, enabling readers to jump around from chapterto chapter reading whatever they need to do. Things are easily explainedand clearly demonstarted through the use of screen shots and the such.Although the authors dedicate a chapter to teach a few basic projectmanagement tecniques at the beginning of the book, I would recommendgetting a good project manangement book, such as "The Fast Foward MBAin Project Manangement" in order to learn the basics of PM. All inall, this book provides a solid foundation for learning MS Project 2000.

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You know it takes more than a just "do it" attitude to pull off the projects your department faces. The powerful tools packed into Microsoft Project 2000 help you meet your deadlines, build a focused team, head off problems -- and get the results you want.
Tools like wizards that automatically create charts, customize views, and link projects help you have your way with Microsoft Project 2000. Try importing files or creating macros to save yourself even more time. With this bible by your side, you'll be synchronizing tasks and making your projects flow, making you the team leader you were meant to be.
The CD-ROM features Project-related software, such as Timesheet Professional and Project Kickstart, as well as relevant templates and shareware.

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